Game Development

Are you interested in game development? Find out more about the fascinating world of video games by reading below.

Game development is generally about the creation of a video game and the development process is carried out by a game developer which could consist of just one person or a large company. Games that are mainstream are usually funded by a publisher and it could take years to develop it. Indie games are the ones that can take lesser time to create and can be cheaply produced by individuals or a small organization of developers. It has become known in the past years because of the rise of new online distribution systems and even the mobile game market.

History of Video Game Development

It was in the year 1960 when the first video games were developed. However, they needed mainframe computers; thus, they were not made available to the public. In 1970, commercial game development began with the dawning of the first generation video game consoles and home computers. And because of its low cost and low capabilities of computers, a single programmer had the capacity to develop a full game. However, when the 21st century was coming in, it became impossible for a single developer to produce a mainstream game because of the constantly increasing computer processing power and intensive consumer expectations. The average price of a production of a game slowly increased to US$4M from US$1M in 2000. This became US$5M in the year 2006 and in 2010 increased again, bringing it up to US$20M.

Game Development Programming

Games are usually written in languages such as C++ which offer a dependable balance between power and speed. It offers many tools that programmers can use like classes and the standard library for the language. C++ is also quite low level which makes it possible to run without much overhead. When you use the said language, it would be easier to use the modern game engines that are also often written using C++. Considering those, the things that you should learn would depend on what kind of games you wish to write. A simple 2D game would only need Simple DirectMedia Layer which is a relatively easy library to use for all the elements such as graphics, sound and many more. However, even if it is easy to use, it is not that powerful. There are also 3D games which are more complex to make.

Game Development Phases

Generally, mainstream games are developed in phases, the first one being the pre-production, where in the pitches, prototypes and the game designs documents are written. Once the idea is approved and funding is received by the developer, they will already begin the full-scale development of the game. The development process would typically be manned by a team of 20-100 people which will be given different responsibilities. The team is composed of designers, artists, programmers, testers and many more. It will go over development, alpha and beta stages until its release. Advertising, marketing and trade show demos are some of the tools used to make modern games known but despite that, there are still many games that do not gain profit.