How to Become a Game Developer

Wondering how you could become a game developer and what they really do? First you must know that game developers work with a team and they develop and design video games.

In the United States, the video game industry is worth about US$30 billion, especially now that more people are also playing them on their mobile phones. Game developers play an integral role in the comprehensive team of designers and developers that bring together the complicated task of creating a video game. The duties of a game developer are designing characters, levels, puzzles, art and animation. They could also write codes with the use of numerous computer programming languages but that depends on their career duties. They could even be responsible for project management tasks and even the testing phase of early versions of the video games.

Education Requirements for Game Developers

To become a game developer you must get into universities that have curriculums to support careers in the video game design industry. The courses are usually offered in the computer science or media departments and they normally have a bachelor’s degree in Game Design, Computer Engineering or Computer Science. These degrees take about four to five years to finish and the courses in the Game Design degree program could be project management, integrated video design and technology, game prototyping and level design.

The entry levels for this career would be a junior programmer, entry-level programmer and associate programmer. There will be times that a position will be listed as just programmer, but it will most likely specify that previous experience is not a requirement.

Important Qualities for Game Developers

Managerial roles in a video game project are usually what game developers take part in and they help in managing budgets, work schedules and project timelines. Some of the most important qualifications is attention to detail, clear writing communication skills and enthusiasm and knowledge about the video game industry.

What Game Developers Do

The specific things that game developers do vary depending on what they are tasked to perform. A programmer is where the whole world of game development revolves around. He is the one who takes on the difficult expectations of everybody else but still manages to find a way to make it work.

The artist is just as important, too, and there are even some games wherein they will have to play a more critical role than the programmer. But this is only an exemption and not really the rule in the industry, because in totality, it is still the programmer who is critical in all game development. There is also a musician who is in charge of the sound effects.

Producers are the ones who oversee the overall game development and ensure that all elements are in place. It can be part of the producer’s job to acquire resources for programmers and artists and even hand out money and give orders. There may be instances wherein the programmer or the artist also acts as the producer and this kind of set-up also works well.