How to Create a Video Game

There are more to the creation of video games than we can see on the surface. It takes a lot of hard work, time, and money to create video games.

Video game fanatics can actually turn their hobby into a career where they can earn money. They can choose to be part of it by becoming one of the many people needed to come up with a video game such as programmers, sound technicians, designers and artists. This kind of career is in the industry of video game development. Video games are very intricate to make and the process requires months of development. For those who wish to learn how to create a video game, understanding the basic principles can be very helpful. Below are the basic steps on how to create a video game:


Come up with a storyline because every good game should have a thorough storyline. It can be simple like that of a simple learning tutorial game. But do keep in mind that most video games in the popular role playing reveal their stories as the video game progress and as the gamer increases his level. A separate step in developing a video game is when the story takes account of the characters.

Characters that interact with gamers

Make a game that has characters that interact with gamers. The game characters can come in two kinds and they are the non-playing characters or NPC’s and the other one is the character that the gamer controls. It is the non-playing characters that give missions to gamers and most of the time they are part of the game environment. There are some games that have only one main character which is controlled by a gamer and there are other games where a gamer can choose the characters they can play. This however, needs to be made really carefully. The character design comprises of sketches of the players and 3D animation with the use of computer software.

Program character’s motions

As soon as the characters in your game have been scanned and drawn in 3D software application, applying motion to them is the next step. Many games have characters that are given a lot of motion and are designed by attaching motion sensors to an actor while connected to a computer. The motion is then sensed by the computer and programs it for the player character.

Come up with a game world environment

This is the world where the player travels while playing the game. This process is somewhat similar to the process of creating characters. The sketches that are made are scanned into a computer. The most important element in this process is to pay attention to detail and follow it strictly because this will give a more realistic and fun gaming experience for the player.

Code the application

There are many programming languages that are used for game designs but the most essential is the C++. Also, there is a third-party gaming engine that is purchased in order to enhance the movement of the characters as well as the design.

Test the game

Play the application so you can test the game yourself. Play it from start to finish or hire several game testers so they can take note of bugs or problems along the game so they can be removed. Once the problems are fixed and the bugs are removed, the game is sent back to the testers. The process is done until the entire game is refined.