Video Game Developer Salary

Video game development can be a fun and lucrative career for creatives.

Video game development has turned out to be a profitable occupation. At the same time, it is a phenomenon in the domain of internet technology. Apps programmers can get work in IT firms, marketing corporations, advertising agencies and video game development companies. Statistics divulged that the industry is making more than $7 billion annually. Large corporations are ready to pay qualified developers and designers a hefty compensation for their skills and capabilities.

Programmers for Video Games

Experts in video game programming can specialize in networking or graphic engines. Starting salaries are as high as in previous years. Still, many people have come to realize that the video game industry is hardly affected by depression and many college graduates are joining the industry. These programmers and computer engineers usually join the industry with no more than three years of experience. The average earnings of these neophytes can reach $50,000 annually. This can go up to $66,000 for those with three to six years of practice while video game programming professionals with more than six years of experience make more than $88,000 every year.

Technical Directors

Technical directors for a game development company get high salaries even at the entry level. Those having the least experience are said to get an average of $60,000 every year and increase to more than $70, 000 for individuals who have more than three years of know-how. The highest compensation for this particular job description was $195,500 annually.

Designers for Video Games

The game design expert also receives comparatively high compensation whether the knowledge comes from experience or formal education. The designer with fewer than three years of experience normally starts with $46,000 each year which increases to $55,600 after the third year. Once the video game design expert earns more than six years of on-the-job experience, this can go up to $70,000 annually. The creative director or lead designer earns up to $180,000 every year after getting substantial experience in the industry.

Producers for Video Games

Video game development producers supervise all aspects of creating a video game and are held liable for decisions from start to finish. These individuals coordinate the work of different departments involved, ensure that deadlines are met and the project remains within the budget.

The minimum salary of producers is $62,000 while those with over six years of experience can earn up to $80,000 every year.

Artists and Animators

The artists and animators for video game development companies start to earn an average $41,500 annually. This can increase to $53,300 after three years and rise to $66,700 on the sixth year. Once you are hired as a lead artist or animator, you can look forward to an annual income of more than $64,000 per year until you acquire a minimum of three years of experience. This is the time that your compensation will reach $67,000 per year. Senior lead artists can earn anywhere from $80,000 to a very high $215,000 every year.

Earning high income is quite easy in this field. However, you need extensive experience, good education, determination and creativity.