Video Game Development Schools

If you are eyeing a career in the video gaming industry you must have the right training today.

There are several game designs schools that you can choose from and deciding which one to go for could be a bit of a challenge. Knowing your priorities and the key things to consider in an institution can somehow make it easier for you to choose because not all of these institutions are the same.

School Accreditation is a Must

Make sure that you enroll in an institute that is accredited properly. Check their information online or call the correct agency in your area which gives accreditation to schools to know if the one you are considering is one of the accredited ones. Know which part of the industry you would like to focus on because the video gaming industry has many aspects that you can choose to engage in such as story development, graphic design, programming and many more.

To help you make one of the most important decisions, below are some of the video game development schools that have the required curriculum:

  • With 85 locations in 30 states in the United States, the ITT Technical Institute offers a bachelor’s degree in Digital Entertainment and Game Design. The program that they have provides a strong foundation in game technology, game design, animation, level design and general education. The mentioned program is under their School of Drafting and Design and they are accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools. Given the number of branches they have, it is very likely that you find one near you.
  • DeVry University also has a number of campuses in the United States, Canada and even online. They provide a Game and Simulation Programming Bachelor’s Degree by teaching software development, programming, software engineering and project coordination. The program that they offer is applications oriented and gives a foundation in math and physics for games, programming, game design, modifications, massively multiplayer online role playing game programming, two and three dimensional game designs, game simulation and game engine design. Not only do they focus on the above-mentioned, they also have good grounding in general education which helps in providing well rounded team members that is heavily wanted in the industry.
  • Westwood College, located in Anaheim, California, Denver, Colorado and Chicago, Illinois, offers a bachelor’s degree in Game and Art Design and it concentrates on design, computer and problem solving skills that focuses on applied knowledge and hands-on teaching. Practical exercises are done and they also provide grounding in theory as well as Game Software Development degree that teaches software fundamentals, game software development and game development and interactive entertainment.

Once you have gone to a good college or university, you somehow get exposed to more than just the main substance of video game development; you become well rounded, knowing concepts and information even on some of the other fields which could impact the major area of your study. A good school will be able to provide programs that offer both theory and practice so that students can get to experience what it is like in the video game development industry after school.